Digitize your entire workflow with our Custom built Software Solution.

Whether you are a the decision maker for a Small Clinic or a Big Hospital, we
have a solution for you!


Complete Front Office Solutions

Role based permissions

Simplified Schedule Management

Manage offline & Tele-Medicine Appointments

Billing and Record Management, built in.

Clinical Tech

IP & OP Solutions

Automated Prescriptions

Voice/Handwriting/Typing based input

Multi-Department Integration

Pharmacy Module

Seamless Transition from Prescription to the Pharmacy

Synced Inventory Module

Billing and Digitised Record Management

Enhanced Compliance

Lab & Diagnostic Module

Prescriptions flow directly to the Diagnostic centre

Reports sent directly to the Doctor

Easily add Annotations

Multi-Department Integration

Patient Application

Option for a white labelled patient Mobile application

Book offline and Tele-Medicine Appointments

Option to save records digitally

Send Rx to patients with or without the application