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Clinic & Hospital specific software with an option to customize based on your specific workflow. Run it online on the cloud or locally on your servers.

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Clinics | Hospitals

MediTimes Rx

A Light weight Prescription-only
software, with an option of running
it online on the cloud or locally
on your own system.

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MediTimes MIND

A Subscription based Software
Solution with features ranging
from intelligent Prescriptions to
Clinic Management

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Eazy Rx

Revolutionary Software that lets you create Digital Prescriptions by just doing what you are used to. Writing!

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About MediTimes

Healthcare Software at its best!

MediTimes uses proprietary algorithms to power all our software. We strive to provide significantly enhanced solutions to enable a Doctor, Clinic or Hospital consistently excel in their practice. Our app helps you streamline your workflow and enables you to do more.

Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals who use MediTimes for their Clinical Practice including e-Prescriptions, will vouch for its inbuilt predictive algorithms in building their practice preferences and treatment choices.